13 March 2011

Roger Waters - Goodbye Mr. Pink Floyd: Canada 11.07.1987

this is a repost (from over 3 yrs ago)
& a very major upgrade
[from 192k to FLAC & MP3 @ 320k]

it is a MUST HAVE for Floyd fans!

Roger Waters - Goodbye Mr. Pink Floyd
Quebec, Canada - November 7, 1987

Track List:
1. Radio Waves
2. Welcome To The Machine
3. Money
4. In The Flesh
5. Have A Cigar
6. Pigs
7. Wish You Were Here
8. Mother
9. Final Cut
10. If
11. The Power That Be
12. Breath In The Air
13. Brain Damage & Eclipse (Medley)
14. Another Brick In The Wall
15. The Happiest Days Of Our Lives
16. Another Brick In The Wall

covers included
FLAC & MP3 @ 320K



password: bootlegtunzworld


Anonymous said...

Roger Waters post-Pink Floyd with a funk/R&B backup band? too cool, and this one has to be heard to be believed. could be a contemporary cover by a good bar band, doesn't show its age at all!
I've never heard Roger like this before, thanks, Dino, a good choice
(Bob from Santa Maria)

Dino & Janice said...

You're welcome Bob. Glad ya enjoyed it.

RMac© said...

Do you have the flace files of this or know a blog where I can find them? Thanks for the post. Love this show, have it on silver cd from a different release. Also looking for good scans of Roger Waters Welcome to the Machine Bootleg artwork....

Dino & Janice said...

No, I don't have it in FLAC. This is how I got it. You might want to check with 2.0 at Quality Boots, he doesn't have it posted but is a big Floyd-Head and may have it. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Had this once before and lost it... now thanks to you i have it again... great show... AWB

Anonymous said...

Roger @ his finest!
Seems to be past his post-war depression stage here!
A Definite must for any FLOYD Fan!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the lossless Quality!!

Ken Berglund said...

Just an FYI: Track 9 is not "The Final Cut", it's "Southampton Dock." I don't think Roger has ever played "The Final Cut" live, but "Southampton Dock" was a staple of his KAOS and In the Flesh tours.

Anonymous said...

Perfect! Awesome sound quality!!!
Many thanks for this share