21 March 2008

Traffic - Fillmore East 11/18/70

New York City

A lot of confusion on this show over the years. First off,this Traffic set was recorded at the Fillmore East on Nov.18,1970 during a 2 night stand. It was done for a proposed live lp which never happened. Some was used on the re-release of "john barleycorn" a few years back as bonus tracks**. Regarding the nov.23,1970 Anderson Theater date, Traffic were performing in upstate N.Y. then and could not have been in NYC.

01. Introduction by Bill Graham
02. Medicated Goo
03. Pearly Queen
04. Empty Pages
05. Heaven Is In Your Mind
06. Forty Thousand Headmen
07. John Barleycorn Must Die
08. Who Knows What Tomorrow May Bring
09. Every Mother's Son
10. Glad/>Freedom Rider
(a couple of defects on the master)
11. Means To The End
12. Dear Mr. Fantasy

forgot to include front cover
Part 1

Part 2

p/w: sparkyibew

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