16 April 2008

Bad Company - Live In Albuquerque 1976

Bad Company
Live In Albuquerque, NM

Live in Albuquerque 1976 is a live album from the Rock band Bad Company by all four original members. The recordings were made by Mick Ralphs, who regularly taped the group's shows in the 70s, utilizing them as a tool to finely tune their set and performances. The album was not released until 2006, and the band never had an official live album in the 1970s.

2007 UPDATE via Chicago DJ Steve Dahl: "The Bad Company Live In Albuquerque 1976 from Angel Air Records has been withdrawn due to licensing issues. No word if or when it might be put back on sale."

Disc One
1. Live for the Music
2. Good Lovin' Gone Bad
3. Deal with the Preacher
4. Ready for Love
5. Wild Fire Woman
6. Young Blood
7. Sweet Little Sister
8. Simple Man
9. Shooting Star
10. Seagull

Disc Two
1. Run with the Pack
2. Feel Like Making Love
3. Rock Steady
4. Honey Child
5. Can't Get Enough
6. Bad Company

front cover only
Part 1

Part 2

p/w: sparkyibew

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