16 April 2008

Heart - You Must Get High 2006

Heart - You Must Get High
April 7th 2006
Ruth Eckerd Hall
Clearwater, FL

Intro 1:22
Rock And Roll 3:58
Love Alive 5:16
Kick It Out 2:54
Straight On 5:30
Bebe Le Strange 4:18
These Dreams 5:40
Alone 4:23
Lost Angel 7:08
Even It Up 4:49
Magic Man 5:49
Barracuda 4:49
Crazy On You 4:38
Black Dog 4:37
Misty Mountain Hop 8:05
Dreamboat Annie 4:42

covers included

p/w: sparkyibew


MARCIO said...

Thank you!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice (VG) sound quality, especially for an audience recording. Not at all impressed with the performance itself. Ann Wilson's voice is shot, her wind is gone and she seems to have difficulty holding notes. Sad, really. Nancy can still kick ass with a Strat, tho...


Ictus75 said...

A great sounding show! Nice quality for an audience recording. While Ann's voice seems to be hoarse, and she misses a few notes, she still sings well and the band is really hot. Not sad at all.