29 April 2008

Jefferson Airplane - Winterland 1969

Jefferson Airplane
Winterland, San Francisco, Ca

Good Shepherd
Wild Thyme
Greasy Heart
We Can Be Together
Come Back Baby
Plastic Fantastic Lover
Driftin Around
Its No Secret
Other Side of This Life
Wooden Ships
Eskimo Blue Day
You Wear Your Dresses Too Short
Ballad of You, Me and Pooneil

no covers
Part I
Part II
p/w: sparkyibew


sIR bILLY said...

I've heard this before but it sounded crap, but true to your word, this sounds light years better. Thanks for the post.

Dino & Janice said...

You're welcome Sir Billy, enjoy the tunz!

Anonymous said...

The first disc loads fine and sounds great. The second disc gives me an error message (and I've tried the down load several times). Is there any way to fix it and re-post, as this is GREAT music? Thanks!