18 April 2008

Neil Young - Citizen Kane Junior Blues 1974

Neil Young
Citizen Kane Junior Blues

1. Pushed It Over The End
2. Long May You Run
3. Greensleeves
4. Ambulance Blues
5. Helpless
6. Revolution Blues
7. On The Beach
8. Roll Another Number (For The Road)
9. Motion Pictures
10. Pardon My Heart
11. Dance, Dance, Dance
12. For The Turnstiles (not included)
13. Flying On The Ground Is Wrong (not included)

1-11 Recorded live at The Bottom Line in New York on May 16, 1974
12 Recorded live during 1973, location unknown
13 Recorded live at the Carnegie Hall in New York on December 5, 1970.

According to some sources, the Bottom Line set was apparently an unnanounced appearance at a Ry Cooder solo acoustic gig. The bootleg title comes from Neil's introduction to Pushed It Over The End.

covers included
Part 1

Part 2

p/w: sparkyibew


motionman said...

Another great post. There is nothing like hearing the small club atmosphere on this one - just wonderful. This 'Pardon My Heart' beats the sterile 'Zuma' version hands-down. Thank you for sharing this - thank you!

Anonymous said...

This is my favorite Neil bootleg ever.