13 April 2008

The Rolling Stones - BBC Radio 2 "Like The Rolling Stones"

BBC Radio 2 - Like The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones… in conversation with Paul Sexton, recorded in Toronto, Canada.

Programme One

Paul talks to the band about their place in music in 2005 and the importance of the Rolling Stones brand. He discusses the band on tour and gets the low-down on what goes on behind the scenes and on stage. Paul also assesses the band's relationship with the media over the years and gives the listener a real insight into one of Britain’s legendary rock bands.

Programme Two

Paul focuses on the making of Rolling Stones’ brand new album “A Bigger Bang” , due for release in September and widely thought to be their best studio album for over 20 years.

The programme looks at why the band returned to the studio so quickly after the last tour and focuses on the remarkable songwriting partnership between Mick Jagger and Keith Richards.

Paul also traces the story of the Stones since their “Forty Licks” Tour back in 2002, in particular looking at factors that have led to changing relationships within the band as well as assessing the bands legacy and future.

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