28 May 2008

Allman Brothers Band - With Or Without You (for Duane)

The Allman Brothers Band
With or Without You

Track List:
1) One More Ride
2) Home Jam
3) Little Martha
4) Statesboro Blues
5) In Memory of Elizabeth Reed
6) Midnight Rider
7) Hoochie Coochie Man
8) One More Ride
9) Allman Jam
10) Instrumental Jam
11) Trouble No More
12) Don't Keep Me Wondering
13) You Don't Love Me
14) Terraplane Blues / Come on in my Kitchen /
Jesus Make Up My Dying Bed

Tracks 1-10 Idlewild South outtakes.
Tracks 11-13 Pittsburgh, PA January 17, 1971.
Track 14 Duane home jam.

covers included
p/w: sparkyibew


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the upload! Track 14 is not Duane's Home Jam. Instead, track 14 is "Midnight Rider" and an additional track 15 is another live version of "You Don't Love Me".

marty1835 said...

thanks for the show! never too much allmans

Anonymous said...

part of me asks why am i bothering about yet another batch of early 70s allman stuff - the rest of me screams "cos its soooo gooood"! thanks for continuing the drip feed dino...

Ismael said...

One of the best guitarrist ever, thaks fella...

peskypesky said...

after 15 years of trying my best to emulate SRV, i've finally committed myself to mastering the slide, so i'm now gorging on Duane. thank you for the wonderful music, Dino.