17 May 2008

Jethro Tull - In Concert: BBC Classic 1993

Jethro Tull
In Concert - BBC Classic

It includes national commercials,
and the songs are grouped as they were in the broadcast.
Nothing has been changed.

Recorded at The Hammersmith in London in 1984 and 1991.

Original air date was the week of February 15th, 1993

Minstrel in the Gallery / Cross-Eyed Mary
This Is Not Love
Heavy Horses
Tall Thin Girl
A New Day Yesterday
Jump Start
Living In The Past
Thick As A Brick
Locomotive Breath
Too Old To Rock n Roll

no covers
Part I
Part II
p/w: sparkyibew

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Anonymous said...

lovely, nothing like ol' tull, thankin' ye a lot for this one, herbman