25 May 2008

Joe Cocker - Fillmore West 10/19/1969

covers included
Part I
Part II
p/w: sparkyibew


brokedownengine said...

Thanks for stopping by brokedownengine and for leaving your comment. All the best to you Dino & Princess. Great blog you've got going here.

Anonymous said...

Joe's vocals are almost non-existent on this recording. It has excellent sound and the instruments come through beautifully, but...where's Joe???
His mic clearly was not being picked up through this soundboard feed.

Dino & Janice said...

yea, sorry about that. old soundboard. maybe better copy will surface.

jean daniel jolivald said...

Hello from France
I checked on Fillmore West list of concerts in 69 and they don't even have the trace of the Moon Landing Night , july 21st, where Country Joe Cocker Madfish and Frenchman where on stage that night, I'm positive about it, recalling the "moonpill" stuck on a half round piece of cardboard they were distributing at the entry , while astronauts were landing on the moon on a huge screen . The only asiatic girl I got together with in all my life, it was that night...Hey maybe you're reading?

is this slow movie we went on still at reach.. Great night!