27 May 2008

John Mellencamp & Vinnie James - KBFH 1991

John Cougar Mellencamp / Vinnie James
King Biscuit Flower Hour

This is from an original copy of the radio show.
It has not been altered.
It includes national commercials
and the songs are grouped as they were in the broadcast.
Nothing has been changed.

JCM @Pershing Auditorium in Lincoln, Ne. on 17 October 1982.
No date/place given on the Vinnie James.
Original airdate was the week of September 22nd, 1991.

Days In The House
Thundering Hearts
Hand To Hold Onto
Fire and Water
Hurts So Good
Jack & Diane
Night Dancing
I Think I'm Really In Love
I Need A Lover

Vinnie James:
Here Goes Tomorrow
Freedom Cried

no covers
Part One
Part Two
p/w: sparkyibew

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