06 May 2008

Madonna - Radio 1 Broadcast (London 1990)

Blond Ambition London
July 21st 1990
Radio 1 FM Broadcast

Disc 1
101. Express Yourself
102. Open Your Heart
103. Causing a Commotion
104. Where's the Party
105. Like a Virgin
106. Like a Prayer
107. Live to Tell
108. Oh Father
109. Papa Don't Preach

Disc 2
201. Sooner or Later
202. Hanky Panky
203. Now I'm Following You
204. Material Girl
205. Cherish
206. Into the Groove
207. Vogue
208. Holiday
209. Keep it Together

This is the Radio 1 Broadcast where Madonna decided to let rip with a string of F-words after "Causing a Commotion". I seem to recall this upset quite a lot of people back then as it went out pre-watershed on Radio 1.

no covers
Part One
Part Two
p/w: sparkyibew


zazafromjohor said...

hi Dino.. spotted a not here... date of the show and date in the tittle of the post is much different...10 years difference

Dino & Janice said...

LOL, picked a hell of a day to quit smokin' crack! Thanx, my fingers don't always type what my 2 brain cells tell em too. :) This show is posted around with the wrong date and I checked to make sure I had the right month/day and typo'd the year. I need to let Princess do some posting too instead of just listening and doin' quality control.