03 May 2008

Pink Floyd - The Wall: Original Film Sessions 1980

Pink Floyd
The Wall - Original Film Sessions
Early Audio Pre-release Soundboard Mix for the Official Movie
January 01, 1980

Disc 1
101. Little Boy Santa Claus Forgot
102. In The Flesh?
103. The Thin Ice
104. Another Brick In The Wall pt 1
105. When The Tigers Broke Free
106. Goodbye Blue Sky
107. The Happiest Days Of Our Lives/ Another Brick In The Wall pt 2
108. Mother
109. Empty Spaces
110. Young Lust
111. One Of My Turns
112. Don't Leave Me Now
113. Another Brick In The Wall pt 3
114. Goodbye Cruel World
115. Is There Anybody Out There

Disc 2
201. Nobody Home
202. Vera
203. Bring The Boys Back Home
204. Comfortably Numb
205. In the Flesh
206. Run Like Hell
207. Waiting For The Worms
208. The Trial
209. Outside The Wall

210. Waters - Wish You Were Here
211. Waters - Brain Damage/ Eclipse

covers included
Floyd One
Floyd Two
p/w: sparkyibew

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