05 May 2008

Robin Trower - Ebbets Field, Denver 1973

Robin Trower
Ebbets Field, Denver, CO

This is a very early FM Broadcast of Robin when he was playing 2 sets a night. This broadcast includes two songs from the yet to be released classic Bridge of Sighs. In fact, the arrangement, lyrics and the name of "Day of the Eagle" is different. Robin introduces the song as "Another Day Another Night" which were lyrics in the album version. "Little Bit of Sympathy" was the other song included in this set which had not been released.

Excellent quality for a 73 Trower show.

Robin Trower - Guitar
James Dewar - Bass, Vocals
Reg Isidore - Drums

Complete Setlist:
01 The Fool and Me
02 Twice Removed From Yesterday
03 Lady Love
04 Daydream
05 Another Day Another Night (aka - Day of the Eagle)
06 I Can't Wait Much Longer
07 Man of the World
08 Sinner's Song
09 Little Bit of Sympathy
10 I Can't Stand It

covers included
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p/w: sparkyibew


Miguelito, el Gran Chihuahua said...

Hi,Dino & Princess'!

Congratulations for your hard work and thank's a lot for this bootleg.

Best regards,Miguel.

Dino & Janice said...


You are welcome, enjoy! Thank you for the kind words.

greyrocker said...

Another great share.
Thank you!

v-chile said...

Hi Dino,
one of the best ever!
1973!What a year for Rock musicians and lovers...