28 May 2008

The Rolling Stones - The Bootleg Collection (Vol. 1 & 2) by Ricardo

MANY, MANY Thanx goes out to RICARDO for this one!
Ricardo put this compilation together &
made the wonderful artwork too!

covers/inserts included
Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
p/w: sparkyibew

After listening to this:
PRINCESS gives a giant PAW-UP!


boritter said...

I just found your blog; it looks good.

Some of these songs are new to me as I only really own Mick Taylor era bootlegs.

I have a ton of Stones and Zeppelin boots that I am willing to share.

Dino & Janice said...

Welcome to the blog, and hope you find some stuff you enjoy. We are always open to folks sending in quality boots to post here, feel free so send us in an email with links.

And thank you. :)

Yerblues said...

Yep, great collection of performances, although, IMHO, the awesome version of Street Fighting Man, from Brussels Affair, 73 is absent. But this is a minor quibble. Great job, Ricardo. Tanx a lot, Dino

Juan Perez Perez said...

Hi,this blog is really good! but... what about some tags and less post per page? it´s kind of hard try to find something...

Anonymous said...

Great boot compilations!
Thanks for sharing!

Dutchie said...

thanks for this great collection of stones songs through the years !!!!
nice artwork too .
greetings from the netherlands ,