13 June 2008

Neil Diamond - BBC Radio 2 2008

BBC Radio 2 Live presents Neil Diamond

Radio 2 Live on Wednesday 14 May.

Neil Diamond performs an intimate session
from the BBC Radio Theatre.

01.Beautiful Noise
02.Hello Again
03.Love On The Rocks
04.Thank God For The Night Time
05.Pretty Amazing Grace
06.Home Before Dark
07.Forever In Blue Jeans
09.Man Of God
10.Cracklin' Rosie
11.Sweet Caroline
12.I'm a Believer
13.I AM...I Said

no covers
Part I
Part II
p/w: sparkyibew


reayx5 said...

Thank you for sharing something a bit different.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this show. Neil still sounds good,especially when you consider that he's now sixty seven years old! Keep on rockin' Neil! Thanks again Dino & Princess.

bluesband66 said...

Thanks for the Concert. My wife will be delighted.

Anonymous said...

Holy cow--I don't think I've ever seen a Neil Diamond bootleg. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU for sharing. Sounds very good, also in the Netherlands :-)

Anonymous said...

You don't happen to have the 10/04/08 concert at the Staples Center do you?

Anonymous said...

thank you!