10 June 2008

Phil Collins & Tony Bennett - Montreux Jazz Festival 1996

Thanks goes to PAUL for sending this in!

covers included
Part I
Part II
p/w: sparkyibew


zazafromjohor said...

OMG... I taped this show when it was broadcasted on Europe1 radio.... They used to be great at broadcasting live music shows... Montreux live every summers... They had in the studio concerts kind of taratata show... I am not sure now but they stopped this kind of programs round Y2K. It is now a news oriented radio... SAD!!!

Dino & Janice said...

LOL, maybe it's one of yours making it's way back around. Just kidding, I think Paul taped it.....he did a lot of that stuff too. He has sent in some really good stuff.

Anonymous said...

I love Tony Bennett live from the 90's

Excellent Work guys