16 June 2008

Prince - Shark Tank 2004


covers included
Part I
Part II
p/w: sparkyibew


Sylvain said...

This is the June 2, 2004 show at San José available here, with an awsome acoustic set of Prince on guitar on record 1. May we have the pleasure to get The June 1 show?
I also recommend one of the previous poste the Sabotage version of Dream Factory, a 1986 record wich was cancelled and partially got its way partially on Sign O' The Times (with differnt version). Thks to Dino.

Jordan said...

Thanx!!! When will the other parts be uploaded?!

Anonymous said...

appear to be about 5 tracks missing - "i could never....", "most beautiful girl" etc.

Anonymous said...

hi Dino,

Thanx for the wonderful albums.The only problem I have that couldn't encrypt them from winRar,it requires a password.


xianrex said...

Righteous and outtasighteous! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Would lovve 2 hear this, just "what's the password?" (and don't say it's the password :-)