16 July 2008

WOW! y'all are sending in daily email & comments!

Princess and myself want to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for all the KIND comments & email. You are all really letting us realize how much you like......


And we want to say THANK YOU ~"BACK"~ TO EVERYONE! Y'all are making us feel like all the hard work is really, really worth it. AND an "extra" thanks to those of you who are emailing us in bootlegs to post for everyone who visits

And to those of you who feel a "need" to write shitty comments about our blog or a post, I post those too. Cuz ya don't hurt our feelings at all, it just shows ur an ass: I have thick skin and my blog partner (in charge of quality) here is a fucking DOG! She could care less about you or your attitude, as long as I jam out good rock-n-roll and toss her ball she's happy!



Anonymous said...

keep up the work!!
thx alot for all

Colin Gillman said...

Hey man I just got turned onto your site by way of a birthday gift from a fellow blogger. This site is absolutly incredible! I need to take a long hard drink from all of the soul within these pages. I've been waiting all my life to find a site like this. Well done fella. Well done.

By way of requests Dino, I am a Faces nut. Anything with Ronnie Lane too.

Thanks man. I can see that I'm gonna be a regular visitor around here. Do you want a link from my site to here?

Zep! said...

Keep up the good work my friend!

Andy said...

I can't believe you actually get negative comments. The amount of effort you put into this site is awe-inspiring (and well appreciated by me and, I'm sure, very many silent others).

The music is free, the quality is excellent (and if someone wants FLAC, there are other places to get it and, if not, tough SH*T).

Sincere thanks from me and my other brother Daryl.

Cheers, Andy.

Dino & Janice said...

Thanks everyone for the kind words! Ya get a PAW UP from the doggie too!

More Faces to come as well as a very wide musical genre section soon.

And always, feel free to link to us on any forum, blog, myspace, multiply, whatever & where ever. This isn't a "hidden" blog~ every post can be "googled": as well as the main site itself.

Thank you again all

Anonymous said...

Just SDFU and keep crankin' them out, man. Oh, and thanks.

snowmonkey said...

Found this site somehow surfin the net. When seeing the tag I figured it was a couple doing a blog. That seemed kinda different and so figured there might a shot or two of some hot bitch along with some good tunes, and man was I right!


Anonymous said...

Great site ! Thanks. People like you make us even bigger fans of the artists cause we can dig in and get more than is commercially available. I have amassive collection that I started when I was a kid and I am one of the best 'consumers' out there. It's a shame that the music industry does not get it but I think some of the artists are finally.