04 August 2008

Dave Mason & Friends - Greek Theater 1979

Dave Mason and Friends
Greek Theater,
Berkeley, CA

Source: FM

1. Share Your Love
2. Only You Know and I Know
3. Pearly Queen
4. You Are Every Woman
5. Take It To the Limit
6. Look At You, Look At Me
7. I Fell In Love
8. Watching the River Flow*
9. We Just Disagree
10. Bring Your Love In
11. Let It Flow
12. All Alnog the Watchtower
13. band intros, encore break
14. Stand By Me
15. second encore break
16. Feelin' Alright*

Joe Cocker,Stephen Stills, Mark Stein,
Jimmy Haslip, Rich Jeager,
Jim Kreiger, Mike Finnigan, Lisa Robbins
* featuring Joe Cocker

All radio call letters were edited out
except after "Feelin Alright".
You will notice these cuts in some instances.

no covers
p/w: sparkyibew

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