03 August 2008

Richard Thompson Band - Nottingham & Wolfgangs 1985

Richard Thompson Band
Rock City Nottingham 11th November 1985,
Tracks 7 - 14
Wolfgang's San Francisco 15th March 1985.

Disc One
01. Fire In The Engine Room
02. When The Spell Is Broken
03. You Don't Say
04. Warm Love Gone Cold
05. Wall Of Death
06. Mind Your Own Business
07. Summer Rain
08. Valerie
09. Shoot Out The Lights
10. Did She Jump Or Was She Pushed ?
11. She Twists The Knife Again
12. Jennie
13. For Shame Of Doing Wrong
14. Long Dead Love
15. Ain't Gonna Drag My Feet No More

Disc Two
01. Love In A Faithless Country
02. Tear Stained Letter
03. John The Gun
04. Living With A Skull And Crossbones
05. Withered And Died
06. Open Fire

07. The Wrong Heartbeat
08. How I Wanted To
09. Calvary Cross
10. Time To Ring Some Changes
11. Nearly In Love
12. Dimming Of The Day
13. I want To See The Bright Lights Tonight
14. Great Balls Of Fire

no covers
Part One
Part Two
p/w: sparkyibew


snakeboy said...

Dino & Princess; Thanks for this. RT is always great, as is your quality.

La Piazza Gancio said...

Wow! It's hard to find Mr. Thompson boots--you guys have practically cornered the market.

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Great stuff! I'm a sucker for anything RT so this is a treat. Thanks. W.

Anonymous said...

D & P - thanks for this post, nice quality sound and setlist

-- if you want a relatively recent RTBand show (2007) check out this link -- (it's my upload):