15 August 2009

The Black Crowes - High In Houston 1993 [FM]

The Black Crowes
High In Houston
Houston Feb 6th 1993

A free concert given on 6 February 1993 at The Sam Houston Coliseum in Houston, Texas. It was the last concert at the Coliseum before it was pulled down.

The sound quality and the show are excellent (it's from an FM broadcast, but with no announcements).

01 No Speak, No Slave 5:20
02 Sting Me 6:47
03 Hard To Handle 4:40
04 My Morning Song 9:17
05 Jam 7:40
06 Thorn In My Pride 12:38
07 Bad Luck, Blue Eyes, Goodbye 7:00
08 Twice As Hard 4:31

01 Black Moon Creeping 6:42
02 Thick N' Thin 3:24
03 Hotel Illness 4:10
04 Stare It Cold 3:51
05 Three Little Birds 6:28
06 Sometimes Salvation 4:58
07 Jealous Again 5:35
08 Remedy 11:48

covers included
p/w: sparkyibew


grooVemonzter said...

This is an awesome site. Thank you a million.

Colin Gillman said...

Thanks dude. Really love your site.

Anonymous said...

Many Thanks! DBC

Anonymous said...

The best Crowes boot I own, the one I keep going back to, over and over. The sound is so good, you can hear a dude in the front screaming "Crank it up, Chris!" The Crowes are on FIRE, and the sound quality is just about as good as it ever gets. You *HAVE* to DL this boot right freaking now!