21 September 2009

Johnny Cash - Strawberry Cake 1975


Strawberry Cake is a live album by country singer Johnny Cash, released on Columbia Records in 1976. In it, Cash tells stories about the recording of each song, and also the history of the United States, in a precursor of sorts to the VH1 Storytellers series, for which he would go on to record a live album entitled VH1 Storytellers: Johnny Cash & Willie Nelson. The album includes several of Cash's most well-known early songs, such as "Big River", "I Still Miss Someone" and "Rock Island Line", as well as a number of more obscure compositions, some of which were performed by Cash for the first time; this includes "The Church in the Wildwood", "Lonesome Valley", "Strawberry Cake" and "Navajo". The title track was released as a single, but did poorly on the charts, peaking at No. 54.

The concert was held at the London Palladium. An IRA bomb threat warning given as June Carter Cash started to sing "The Church in the Wildwood" meant the theatre had to be evacuated but the show continued after the building was searched.

Track listing
"Big River" (Cash) – 3:07
Dialogue – 0:39
"Doin' My Time" (Jimmie Skinner) – 2:28
Dialogue – 0:23
"I Still Miss Someone" (Cash/Cash) – 2:55
Dialogue – 0:43
"I Got Stripes" (Cash/Charlie Williams) – 2:19
Dialogue – 0:45
Dialogue – 0:38
"The Church in the Wildwood" / "Lonesome Valley" (A. P. Carter) – 3:03
Dialogue – 1:18
"Strawberry Cake" (Cash) – 3:06
Dialogue – 0:44
"Rock Island Line" (Leadbelly) – 3:25
"Navajo" (Cash) – 2:59
Dialogue – 1:09
"Destination Victoria Station" (Cash) – 2:48
"The Fourth Man" (Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith) – 2:34

front cover only
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