22 September 2009

Leo Sayer - Trenton War Memorial Theater 1975 [FM]

Thanx to ZED for recordin' & sharin'

Leo Sayer
War Memorial Theater
Trenton, NJ
Spring 1975

FM Broadcast

Set List:
01) Intro / Giving It All Away
02) Oh Wot A Life
03) Tomorrow
04) In My Life
05) Train
06) One Man Band
07) The Bell's Of St. Mary's
08) Telepath
09) Another Time
10) Long Tall Glasses
11) The Show Must Go On
12) The Show Must Go On (fade)

Of Special interest:
Leo's keyboard player / band leader on this show was Chris Stainton from Joe Cocker's incredible Mad Dogs And Englishmen band. Enjoy!

no covers
p/w: sparkyibew


Anonymous said...

Thaks man. Got any more the early Leo? He was cool before he became the love crooning MOR-man. Cheers! Mooneyrooney.

Anonymous said...

fantastic post! Kuddos!!!!
this is a really great sounding show! love Leo!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Leo Sayer. Legendary WMMR DJ Michael Tearson does the intro and Leo even makes Michael a part of the show intro-ing "Long Tall Glasses." Leo is definitely underrated.

Anonymous said...

WHOA!!! I was at this show years ago! Tho Leo was good that night, we were at the show to see the headliner: THE SENSATIONAL ALEX HARVEY BAND!!! Now if you have that show, Dino, I'm one of thousands who'd love to hear it! Thanks for posting all these great shows...

SteveR in Phillytown

Malc said...

Thanks for this - saw him in Manchester,UK in the same year and have memories of a great show ( shame he went all "middle of the road" - his first 2 albums are quality ). Just come across this site - it's brilliant.