27 September 2009

Little Feat - Ultrasonic Studios 1974 [FM]


Little Feat - 09-19-1974
Ultrasonic Studios
Hempstead, NY

Source: PRE-FM

Taped by: WLIR-FM

Transfered by: Jim Blackwood & Dave LaRussa

1: Rock n' Roll Doctor
2: Two Trains
3: The Fan
4: On Your Way Down
5: Spanish Moon >
6: Skin It Back >
7: Fat Man In The Bath Tub
8: Oh Atlanta
9: Willin'

no covers
p/w: sparkyibew


Anonymous said...

Hello Dino,great post.THANKS.

Dino & Janice said...

thank normski, he sent it in :-)

Mr. SJB said...

when are you coming back???

Anonymous said...

To anyone browsing who gets as far as reading comments... TAKE NOTE! Have to say this is better than pretty much any of the other little feat output I have come across anywhere; even better than electrif. Great set list and excellent quality.

Respect to normski! (and to all the other contributors - great job!)


JFR said...

Enhanced and expanded w/covers.

01. Rock n' Roll Doctor
02. Two Trains
03. The Fan
04. On Your Way Down
05. Spanish Moon >
06. Skin It Back >
07. Fat Man In The Bath Tub
08. Oh Atlanta
09. Willin'
10. A Apolitical Blues
11. Got No Shadow
12. Walkin' All Night
13. Sailin' Shoes
14. Cold Cold Cold >
15. Dixie Chicken >
16. Tripe Face Boogie
17. Teenage Nervous Breakdown

Tracks 1-9 Source: 1974-9-19 PRE-FM (Master 1/2 Track Broadcast RR)
Tracks 10-13, and 17: from 1973-4-10 WLIR-FM Broadcast
Tracks 14-16: from FM rebroadcast on WLIR (tracks from 1974-9-19 not incuded in original broadcast).

mp3 @ 320 version:

wilson22 said...

Dino can you reupload or tell me if there's a torrent version of Porcupine Tree's live that you've posted in the past?

. said...

This fantastic album (especially the extended version linked in the comments) deserves a better cover than the crappy bootleg lash-up, so here's a spiffy Neon Park painting you can use:

Normski said...

Well, It's nice to see some folk out there are liking the LF. If you care to look here,


You will find you can download this gig in Flac files and really start to rock to the vibes. There are also a few more LF gigs here you may wish to grab. The Boston gig(as put up by our host, Dino) is a particularly enjoyable show from '75. Aah the Feat, what a band they were back then.

All the best, and ahem, may I wish all a Happy Christmas & Prosperous New Year. Especially to our dear friends Dino and Janice.