15 September 2009

Tom Waits - Glitter & Doom Tour 7/5/2008


Tom Waits
Glitter And Doom Tour
Fox Theater
Atlanta, Ga.
July 5, 2008.

01. Lucinda / Ain't going down to the well
02. Down in the hole
03. Falling down
04. Chocolate Jesus
05. All the world is green
06. Cemetary Polka
07. Cause of it all / Till the money runs out
08. Such a scream
09. November
10. Hold On
11. Black Market Baby
12. 9th and Hennepin
13. Lie to me
14. Bargains & Bullfrogs
15. Lucky Day
16. Ridiculous Purchase I
17. On the Nickel & Ridiculous Purchase II
18. Lost in the harbor
19. Innocent when you dream
20. Hoist that rag (recorder skipped during solo)
21. Make it rain
22. Dirt in the ground (doctored broken refrain)
23. Get Behind the Mule
24. Hang down your head
25. Jesus Gonna be here
26. Singapore

27. Eyeball kid
28. Anywhere I lay my head

front cover only
p/w: sparkyibew


Anonymous said...

haha u put him up dino!
knew you would..thanks to the person who uploaded as well.

waitsfornoone2005 said...

Great Boot - the only soundboard available from the 2008 tour. Waits was masterful.
Regards, Dave.

Roi said...

Thanks for this - can't wait to hear it! Bummed that the recorder skips during my favourite solo, but the fact that you mention it shows you listen to the music you post (and it also prepared me for the heartbreak)! You have a great site here, so thank you!