16 September 2009

Tonio K. - Live At The BiJou Cafe 1978 [FM]

Thanx to ZED for recording & sending in!

Tonio K.
Promoting LP "Life In The Food Chain"
BiJou Cafe in Philly
FM Broadcast WIOQ

Track Listing:
01) Life In The Food Chain Commercial
02) H-A-T-R-E-D
03) Life In The Food Chain
04) Life In The Food Chain (reprise) / The Funky Western Civilization
05) Willie and The Pigman
06) American Love Affair
07) Better Late Than Never
08) A Lover's Plea
09) The Ballad Of The Night The Clocks All Quit
(and the government failed) - beginning
- tape flip -
10) The Ballad Of The Night The Clocks All Quit
(and the government failed) - conclusion

Taped & shared by ZED

Of special interest: Earl Slick is the lead guitarist in his band at this point. The first song of the show had been edited out prior to broadcast. The reason for this was they knew Tonio dropped the "F" bomb at the top of the show. However, they edited out the wrong song (he actually let it fly in the second song of the set) and it came across the airwaves loud and clear. One glitch: On the song "Life In The Food Chain", one of the guitars is out of tune. You can hear it every time they go to the five chord. But still, a fun and entertaining show. Enjoy!

no covers
p/w: sparkyibew


Anonymous said...

whao! don't see much tonio K., i had a real hippie friend who loved this guy, hence getting me into him, guy's great, real funky music.. thanks dino and princess for this gem... rex

Anonymous said...

I remember the late great Ed Sciaky played Life in the Foodchain to death that summer on WIOQ. Thanks. -Nick