28 December 2009

Alice In Chains - Dirtiest Live 1992

Alice In Chains
Dirtiest Live

The Montreal Brique, Montreal, Canada
November 28th, 1992

1. Damn That River
2. We Die Young
3. Them Bones
4. Would?
5. Love, Hate, Love
6. Junkhead
7. God Smack
8. Put You Down
9. Out You Down (Put You Down)
10. Sickman
11. It Ain't Like That
12. Hate To Feel
13. Dirt
14. Angry Chair
15. Man In The Box

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for that man! It's a pain that this version of this concert doesnt include Layne singing "I nearly lost you" od The Screeming Threes. I would love to have this audio...