29 December 2009

Alice In Chains - Swarm 1994

Alice In Chains

Castle Hall, Osaka, Japan

1. Nutshell
2. Junkhead
3. Godsmack
4. Bleed the freak
5. Dirt
6. Man in the Box
7. What the hell have I
8. Angry chair
9. Hate to feel
10. Damn that river
11. Them Bones
12. Sickman
13. Would?
14. Rooster
15. Little Bitter
16. We Die Young
17. Rain when I Die

front cover only


Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks a lot for this one (and the others). AIC is one of my very favourites bands (with The Stones, Free, Peter Green, Floyd and Muddy Waters).
Have an excellent 2010!

Fer (Lanus, BsAs, Argentina)

Dino & Janice said...

very welcome & same to you!

IzidoroRaziel said...

Very rare this one, indeed. The only taped live version of rain when i die that i ever heard about. Thank a lot for this one. Would you mind in post Bush, Soundgarden, Toad the Wet sprocket, STP or strata, if possible? Please?

suzanne said...

Dino & Janice: Hello! Hope the New Year is starting off well for you. Not really important to the download, but as to "Swarm", I originally sent you the correct concert date. The show was originally set for Feb. 23, 1994, but the band went ahead and moved it up to Oct. 23, 1993 because they were already in Japan. They played Tokyo on 10-21-93 and Nagoya on 10-24-93. Osaka was between those two dates (10-23-93). Concert chronologies often show both dates and only a few explain about the actual show date. Peace...