22 December 2009

XTC - Live At Emerald City 1981 [FM]

I've been trying to catch up on old email
& found this gem from ZED!

Hey Dino!

Hope all is well with you. Here's an XTC concert that was broadcast live on WMMR in Philadelphia from the late, great Emerald City nightclub in Cherry Hill NJ on April 17th, 1981. My brother was gracious enough to tape this show for me while I was at the concert. My original ticket stub is included with the Part 2 download. My friends and I met the band earlier that day at an "in-store appearance" they did at a local record store (which Andy Partridge mentions at the top of track 4 on disc 1). I remember my folks were pissed at me 'cause it was Good Friday and they thought I shouldn't be meeting a band or going to a concert. It was sacrilegious. I went anyway - lol! Oh well, I think they've forgotten about it by now. PEACE, ZED

The Band -
Andy Partridge - Vocals, Guitar.
Colin Moulding - Vocals, Bass.
Dave Gregory - Guitar, Backing Vocals.
Terry Chambers - Drums.

The Set List -

CD 1:
01) Intro / Real By Reel
02) Life Begins At The Hop
03) When You're Near Me I Have Difficulty
04) Respectable Street
05) Sgt. Rock (is going to help me)
06) No Language In Our Lungs
07) Ball And Chain
08) Paper And Iron
09) Love At First Sight
10) Roads Girdle The Globe

CD 2:
01) Scissor Man
02) Towers Of London
03) Burning With Optimism's Flame
04) Making Plans For Nigel
05) Living Through Another Cuba
06) Generals And Majors / DJ Chatter
First Encore:
07) This Is Pop
08) Helicopter
Second Encore:
09) DJ Chatter / Statue Of Liberty
10) Outside World / DJ Chatter

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Anonymous said...

no password needed????????

Sjef Kwant, Amsterdam said...

Hi Dino,
You're absolutely right. This is a real gem! Recorded between their, IMHO,two best albums "The Black Sea" and "English Settlement".
This concert is a mix of pure raw energy and great musicianship.
Thank you and ZED very much for sharing this.

Anonymous said...

yow!!! i was going to art school in nearby Philadelphia at the time and went to many, many shows at Emerald City, which used to be a old joint called the Latin Casino, which was always said to have mob involvement.....still, a great show and a great old venue!! jim

Anonymous said...

Attaboy, Zed!

Anonymous said...

Incredible concert and marvelous sound. Thanks to Dino and Zep for this amazing sounding concert.