03 January 2010

Crowded House - Carre Theatre, Amsterdam 2007 [FM]

Crowded House
Carre Theatre
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Monday 15th October 2007
(Radio Broadcast)

Disc 1
Total Playing Time 60:59
01.Distant sun.
02.Don't stop now.
03.It's only natural.
04.Fall at your feet.
05.Silent house.
06.Say that again.
07.When you come.
08.Love you 'til the day I die.
09.You are the one to make me cry.
10.Walked her way down.

Disc 2
Total Playing Time 54:07
01.Don't dream it's over.
02.People are like suns.
03.Chocolate cake.
04.Something so strong.
05.Weather with you.
06.Fingers of love.
07.World where you live.
08.Locked out
09.Into temptation.
10.Better be home soon.

front cover only

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for this show.
It is awesome!
Anyone who likes this band should download it.
The setlist includes some great songs from the early days of the band.
And they are on top form & the crowd are lapping it up & singing along.
Great blog i thank you.
Mr. C.
[Southampton, England]