04 January 2010

The Donald Fagen Band - The North Fork Theater 2006

The Donald Fagen Band
Live at the North Fork Theater
Westbury, NY 03.03.2006

01 Here At The Western Wold '06
02 The Nightfly
03 Green Flower Street
04 Teahouse On The Tracks
05 New Frontier
06 Third World Man
07 Home At Last
08 Member Intro.
09 Snowbound
10 H Gang
11 What I Do
12 Black Cow
13 The Goodbye Look
14 Tomorrow's Girls
15 Misery And The Blues
16 Mary Shut The Garden Door
17 IGY
18 Pretzel Logic
19 Viva Viva Rock And Roll

no covers


normski said...

I have this already, and I think its very good.If its the same as mine there are a couple(2) of tiny sound issues for a very brief moment, nowt major. Everybody seems to hate HATWW'06, but I like it as much as the original. If you like Don and Walt's stuff you will surely like this. Go on download it, treat yourself, jou know you want to! Can't get enough Steely Dan.

Dino & Janice said...


Normski said...

Somewhere I have a Sbd from DF at Montreal 06 that is also very good. Slightly different tracks but a crackin concert. When I get home I will try and get something to you Dino via yer hotmail a/c.

Dino & Janice said...

send it in......I LOVE sharing! I COMMAND THEE!!! LOL :)

Normski said...

OK. Good and bad news. Firstly, I got it wrong, its DF at Massey Hall Toronto, 13th March 2006 as part of his solo tour.
Bad news is, rapidshare has deleted the links - - why,why,why?
Good news is I should, I flamin hope, have the zipped .rar files at home. So all is hopefully not lost.
Best get home quick then?! Watch Dino's site and hopefully we can get it up for y'all.

Normski said...

Here are the tracks.
1. Green Flower Street
2. The Nightfly
3. New Frontier
4. Brite Nitegown
5. Intro
6. Snowbound
7. Home At Last
8. Black Cow
9. What I Do
10. The Goodbye Look
11. Countermoon

1. Misery And The Blues
2. Mary Shut The Garden Door
3. IGY
4. FM
5. Pretzel Logic
6. Viva Viva R&R

And the best bit is I've found it elsewhere!! So it will be on its way to you Dino any mo'