13 January 2010

REM - Colonge, Germany 5/12/2001

Live at the Kolner Dom
Roncalliplatz, Cologne, Germany 12.6.01

Tracklisting :
01 The Great Beyond
02 What's The Frequency Kenneth
03 All The Way To Reno
04 Cuyohoga
05 Electrolyte
06 I've been High
07 Daysleeper
08 Feeling Gravitys Pull
09 Imitiation Of Life
10 At My Most Beautifu;
11 The One I Love
12 She Just Wants To Be
13 Walk Unafraid
14 Losing My Religion
15 Man On The Moon
16 So, Central Rain
17 It's The End Of The World (I Feel Fine)

front cover only

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Anonymous said...

Thank you very much. I was there. Great to hear again. All the best for you Dino.