01 January 2010

Savoy Brown - Agora, Cleveland 1980 [FM]

covers included
mp3/vbr -v0/96mb


Anonymous said...

This isn't the greatest Savoy Brown show. In previous years they were better, as they were later, too. At this juncture, Kim Simmonds was playing with a rock star persona he later gave up to return to being a bluesman who likes to crank it up.
Unfortunately, this is also the worst recording I've heard from this blog, so I'd advise looking for much newer shows.

Dino & Janice said...

Can't please ALL the people......ALL the time.

Nick said...

What a score of savoy brown shows..thanks!
Well it's true there are better recordings than this one, it's also true that any savoy brown show is a worthwhile listen.. and Kim just keeps getting better and better as a guitarist.. this was a unique period in savoy brown's history, anyways, as the previous commenter correctly pointed out, that the band DID digress into a rock and roll direction for a short while..
Oddly enough, jus at the very time that kim and crew were going in that direction, my band at the time (Full Tilt) were noted for doing a full set of BLUES based savoy brown.. we packed with that!
Go figure...
Doc Rock

Dino & Janice said...

Right on, Far out & Groovy~

Anonymous said...

hey dig man.. aint nobuddy but us ole leftover stoners talks like that any more ;-)
Cheers frun Doc (I.E. Nick)