28 January 2010

They Might Be Giants - Austin, Texas 2004

They Might Be Giants
Live at Emo's
Austin Texas 19.3.04

Tracklisting :
01) Introduction->
02) Robot Parade
03) Wearing A Rain Coat
04) Memo To Human Resources
05) Why Does the Sun Shine?
06) The Guitar->
07) Istanbul (Not Constantinople)
08. Thunderbird
09) Stalk of Wheat
10) XTC vs Adam Ant
11) Birdhouse In Your Soul
12) Clap Your Hands
13) Particle Man
14) It's Kickin' In
15) Au Contraire
16) Damn Good Times
17) John Lee Supertaster
18. Introduction To The Band->
19) Experimental Film
20) Drink!
21) Fingertips
22) Dr. Worm

front cover only

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Kevin Heyne said...

Thanks much for this TMBG's show. I've thoroughly enjoy going through your blog here...your collection is very diverse and wonderful...it is the envy of all other sites I am certain. Thanks again.