19 February 2011

The Beatles - The Ed Sullivan Shows 1964/66

this is a repost from last year

The Beatles
The Ed Sullivan Shows
1964 to 1966

Show #1
01. Intro > All My Loving
02. Till There Was You
03. She Loves You
04. Intro I Saw Her Standing There
05. I Want To Hold Your Hand > Outro

Show #2
06. She Loves You
07. This Boy
08. All My Loving
09. Intro > I Saw Her Standing There
10. From Me To You
11. I Want To Hold Your Hand > Outro

Show #3
12 - Intro > Twist And Shout
13 - Please Please Me > Speech
14 - I Want To Hold Your Hand

Show #4
15 - You Can't Do That

Show #5
16. I Feel Fine
17. I'm Down
18. Act Naturally
19. Ticket To Ride
20. Yesterday
21. Help

Show #6
22. Interview (missing videos of Paperback Writer & Rain)

From Miami - Rehearsal for Ed Sullivan Show
23. She Loves You
24. This Boy
25. All My Loving
26. I Saw Her Standing There
27. From Me To You
28. I Want To Hold Your Hand > Outro

covers included


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MisterManiac said...

I know this is all over the web, but I never DL'd this before so I'm going to grab it here...looks very interesting, and the Sullivan performances were primo slices of the Fab 4 live. Wonder why these were never issued on a legit CD.

MisterManiac said...

A brief addendum to my earlier post. I went back through the site and DL'd a few other boots (one each from BTO, SLF, The Nuge, Moodies, Allmans and Donnie Iris). I tend to follow you on Totally Fuzzy, but must have missed these the first time around. Anyway, I know a lot of folks tend to DL and not say thanks, but that's not my style, so apologies for the long post but a BIG THANKS for posting these gems. Haven't listened to any of them yet, so can't comment on each one, but they all look great and I'm sure I'll really enjoy sifting through them once I have a chance. Thanks again, and cheers!