23 February 2010

Joe Jackson - The Orpheum Theater 1982 [FM]

Joe Jackson
December 9, 1982
The Orpheum Theater
Boston, MA

Recording Info:
FM Broadcast feed (WWOZ New Orleans, LA)
This was a rebroadcast

Broadcast set:
d1t01 - On Your Radio
d1t02 - Another World
d1t03 - Sunday Papers >
d1t04 - Look Sharp
d1t05 - Fools In Love
d1t06 - Is She Really Going Out With Him?
d1t07 - One More Time
d1t08 - Different For Girls
d1t09 - I'm A Target
d1t10 - T.V. Age
d1t11 - Steppin' Out (Tape Flip)
d1t12 - Beat Crazy
d1t13 - Time
d1t14 - Slow Song

d1t15 - I'm The Man

covers included
mp3/vbr -vo/153mb
p/w: bootlegtunzworld

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