26 February 2010

Tom Waits - Live From Posta Aula 1977

Tom Waits
Invitation To The Blues

Live from Posta Aula
Bremmen, Germany
April 26th 1977

Tom Waits: Vocals, Piano
Frank Vicari: Tenor Saxophone
Dr. Fitzgerald Jenkins: Upright Bass
Chip Withe: Drums

Spare Parts I
(A Nocturnal Emission).
Invitation To The Blues.
Depot, Depot.
The Piano Has Been Drinking - Not Me
(An Evening With Pete King).
Pasties & A G-String
(At The Two O'clock Pub).
Step Right Up.
Semi Suite.
Fumblin' With The Blues.
Midnight Lullaby.
Emotional Weather Report.
I Can't Wait To Get Off Work
(And See My Baby On Montgomery Avenue).
New Coat Of Paint.
Diamonds On My Windshield.
The One That Got Away.
Small Change
(Got Rained On With His Own .38)

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