05 March 2010

Gov't Mule - Proctor's Theater 10.07.2007

Gov't Mule
Proctor's Theater

Schenectady, New York


Reggae Soulshine
That's What love Will Make You Do
Banks of The Deep End
I Believe To My Soul
Streamline Woman
Perfect Shelter
Bad Man Walking
Far Away
Lola Leave Your Light On
Honky Tonk Women(W/Grace Potter)

Set II

Nothing Again
I Think You Know What I Mean>
When The Levee Breaks>
I Think You Know What I Mean
Come On In My Kitchen(Just Warren Solo)>
If I Had Possession On Judgement Day
Fallen Down>
The Other One Jam>
Temporary Saint
Unring The Bell(W/Shakedown Street Tease)
Blind Man In The Dark


30 Days in The Hole
no covers
p/w: bootlegtunzworld


Anonymous said...

Many thanks for this one Dino, a nice surprise, Cheers :) Rog

Anonymous said...

Thanks 4 this 1
Seems Fallen Down is the last song to download! The last 5 songs + Encore require a different password!
Anyone else encounter this same mistake?

Dino and Janice ~ said...

no second password.....the WHOLE file is zipped at one time with the same password....it's set a a default password in my winRAR.

try downloading again, maybe a glitch when it was downloaded.