08 March 2010

Hope Y'ALL are checking this out!

 It's what we LOVE!

 Thanx for ALL your kind words!


Anonymous said...

Hey you guys are the GREATEST!!!! Thanks for all the AWESOME Tunzzz...

Anonymous said...

Hi Dino,

sorry, I am one of the many guilty ones who stop by, sees what's up and moves on. You have an amazing collection and enjoy seeing what is going on and the amazing bootleg artwork.
I do dl shows from here so a big thank you for taking the time to share and give me the experience of hearing something I never would have without you.

Normski said...

Dino & Janice you are very special to all of us out here. Thanx for all you do, this is one of the top sites around, and there are very few this good.
Folks, if you grab some tunes leave a thankyou at the post and even offer some of your own thoughts. Its always helpful to have some insight - maybe you were there. Share your opinions.
Come on everyone, start responding.

warlock said...

Sittin out here,in the middle if nowhere Illinois,trying to avoid the real world.Found your blog and been a fan since.I really appreciate the time you put into this and the quality that you pass on.Incidently,I have also been married to a Janice for 37 years now.Must be something special about em to be able to put up with us.Thanks again!!! Chip

Anonymous said...

Awesome,that's what I can only say.Thx for all the great posts,for all the time you spent to keep this great blog alive.
Best wishes from Germany
Eberhard a.k.a. Barnestormer

Innocent Bystander said...

Count me as one of the shamefacedly guilty ones as well. I tend to keep a window for music open & this is one of the sites that gets frequently refreshed to see what's new. While I may not always download what's available, the effort that is put into it is always appreciated.

So, (a long neglected) thanks for everything.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a LOT!!! I have found real gems here, and I really appreciate what you guys do.