10 March 2010

INXS - Brussels 04.04.1997 [FM]

“Elegantly Wasted World Tour”
Brussels “Le Botanique”
04 April 1997


This was an exclusive gig to promote the album “Elegantly Wasted”. It is the full concert, as broadcast by German Radio Station NDR2 (in 2 parts). There are a lot of bootlegs of this concert available. However, the set list seems to vary. My info is from the radio station. Any corrections are appreciated.

01. New Sensation
02. Taste It
03. Elegantly Wasted
04. Original Sin
05. It’s only time
06. I'm Just A Man
07. Kiss The Dirt
08. Show Me (Cherry Baby)
09. Listen Like Thieves
10. Searching

01. Never Tear Us Apart
02. Everything
03. Need You Tonight
04. Girl On Fire
05. Devil Inside
06. What You Need
07. Suicide Blonde
08. Peace
09. Heaven Sent
10. Don't Change

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Juancho said...

Where is Michael Hutchence in the picture?

Oh... this is the "New" INXS... bullshit...

Tunz Master said...


When I don't have covers I just google images for a photo to put up. So sorry if I put the wrong one up.