11 March 2010

Paul Weller - Germany 03.10.2010 [FM]

This is one 30 minute file!

this one is hot off the press.... so to speak.....

Last night Paul Weller played an acoustic set in Kreuzberg, Berlin Germany. It was a 30 minute acoustic set which was played to an invited guest only audience. The show was streamed online and also aired on Radio Eins FM. Here is the show.... it's in a single mp3 file of 30m 59s... it's in superb quality - it sounds great.

Paul Weller
Live Radio Eins FM, Kreuzberg
Germany 10.3.10

Webcast/FM Broadcast

Tracklisting :
Black Sheep Boy
Mistress Brown
Into Tomorrow
All I Wanna Do Is Be With You
Tales From The Riverbank
No Tears To Cry
Why Walk When You Can Run
Butterfly Collector

Weller : Acoustic
Crofts : Electric
Lewis  : Bass/Cello

front cover only
password: bootlegtunzworld

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