24 March 2010

Prince - 30 Years Of Unreleased Funk: Vol. 1

30 Years Of Unreleased Funk
Volume One

CD 1:

01: Just As Long As We're Together (Unreleased version) 5:51
Recorded in December 1976 in Sound 80 Studios this is one of the first known recordings Prince ever did by himself.
He played all instruments and produced the track all alone.
At the same recording session he did: You Really Get To Me, In Love, Instrumental, and Love In The Morning.

02: Tick Tick Bang (Unreleased version) 3:12
Recorded in June 1981 in the Controversy sessions. It was later re-recorded to be included on Graffiti Bridge.

03: Broken (Demo version) 2:59
Broken (which is also known as "Broken, Lonely and Crying) was recorded in 1981.
Another version has been circulating but this is the one finalized by Prince.
It has not been officially released but it was played on numerous shows in 1981-82.

04: Turn It Up (Unreleased version) 5:10
"Turn It Up" was recorded during the "What Time Is It?" sessions meant for The Time on January 20th, 1982.
It's not clear if this originally was meant to be on the album or just a break in the sessions.
Later it was slated for the album "1999" but was ditched when Prince found "Delirious" to be a better track (what he was right to believe).

05: D.M.S.R. (Unreleased version) 6:23
Recorded on April 20th, 1982. This version differs in many ways from the later released versions.
In some aspects it's actually hard to see this as the party crasher as later described by Prince.
But the energy is there and keeps the body fluids at high sensation.

06: Something In The Water (Does Not Compute) (Unreleased version) 4:09
Recorded April 20th, 1982. It has never been clear if this was intended for any defined release or just something Prince made because feeling like it.
Still a great track.

07: Delirious (Unreleased version) 6:02
Recorded on May 9th, 1982. This is the first recording of the song which later would make it to "1999".
This is a great version and very apt to be better than the released version.

08: Computer Blue (Full Version - previously uncirculating) 14:04
This is the full never before circulating version of the song.
It has been rumored in many years to exist but this is the full version as Prince originally made it.

09: U Gotta Shake Something (Unreleased version) 15:19
This almost instrumental track was recorded December 30th 1985.
It's a nice track without being too much jazzy.
It was recorded together with "Voodoo Who", "Finest Whiskey", "A Couple Of Miles" which all are jazzier than this tune.

10: Witness 3:57
Recorded March 29, 1986. Also known as "Witness (For The Prosecution)".

CD 2:

01: Train 4:20
Originally recorded on July 7th, 1986.
Another version was included on Dream Factory (Not released album by Prince).
This version was later circulating in the fan community but as it was copied from tape the speed was wrong.
This is from the original recording and thus with correct pitch and speed.

02: Superfunkycalifragisexy (From The Dawn Sessions - not released) 7:13
First version of Superfunkycalifragisexy was recorded in September 1986 as part of "The Dawn" Sessions.
Later in another version this song would be included on "The Black Album" aka "The Funk Bible".
This version is very much different that the officially released version but more enjoyable as far as the funk goes.

03: Gangsta Glam - Clockin' The Jizz (Hurley's House Dub) 6:41
One of six tracks made to support this release.
Never released as intended.
This one is from the original master.

04: Player 3:56
This was recorded in late 1991 and although it makes a connections to "Money Don't Matter Tonight" in the musical aspect anyway it's more in the realm of "The Symbol" album it was recorded.
Together with "I Wonder" and "Last Dance" it seems like Price was not entirely sure about which way to continue.
The Symbol album is a nice narrative and a complicate musical scheme so these tracks wouldn't have worked there.
But on their own they're beautiful.

05: I'll Do Anything - O(+> version (Demo version) 3:32
Recorded in Melbourne at the Platinum Studios in March 1992.

06: Make Believe - Funk Version (From I'll Do Anything soundtrack - unreleased) 2:44

07: Be My Mirror (From I'll Do Anything soundtrack - unreleased) 2:46

08: I can't Love You Anymore (From I'll Do Anything soundtrack - unreleased) 3:16
The soundtrack of the unreleased movie has not yet appeared in full.

09: Ice Cube Black Sweat Remix (Only played once at the LA 3121 party first night 2006) 7:39
This was only played ONCE at the 3121 Winners Party in LA 2006. Later the Acetate disappeared and this is the first time the track appears in public.

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