15 March 2010

Renaissance - Academy Of Music, New York 1974 [FM]

Live at the Academy of Music
New York 17.5.74

FM Broadcast

Tracklisting :
1. Introduction & music
2. Can You Understand
3. Black Flame
4. Carpet Of The Sun
5. Cold Is Being
6. Things I Don't Understand
7. Running Hard
8. Ashes Are Burning
9. Mother Russia
front cover only
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Anonymous said...



Britinvdon said...

Thank you Dino and Janice for this! I was in the audience for the Live Carnegie Hall Album.

Unknown said...

It's great to hear some earlier songs that were dropped instead of becoming part of the "classic" set.

A few other surprises that were not mentioned:
1. A 24 piece orchestra on stage with them.
2. Promoter / pianist Howard Stein and lead guitarist Andy Powell (wishbone Ash) are introduced and join them for "Ashes are Burning".
3. There is an unlisted song not tracked. After "Mother Russia" they play "Prologue".

Thank you for this wonderful recording.

ruby101 said...

Thank you. Do you have the link? sugarmegs doesn't work.

Tunz Master said...

????????? I just tested some of these links & they work?