12 March 2010

The Rolling Stones - Whores, Cocaine and a Bottle of Jack 1975 [ 8 DISC BOX SET]

covers included
mp3/ABR 256/882mb
password: bootlegtunzworld


kozmic said...

thank you very much.cant wait to listen to this. rock on!!

Anonymous said...

Disc Four tracks 1 & 2 missing.

Tunz Master said...

must be something in your download? they are in the zipped file?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for upload but something is wrong in the file.. missing songs in disc four and disc seven

Tunz Master said...

would help if you told which songs? I'm showing them all in the files at this end?

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for your great work. In my download there are not problems.

Anonymous said...


I’ve downloaded again and songs I & 2 from disc four ‘Fingerprint File’ & ‘Angie’ from the first set (July 9th) aren’t in there.

Sorry it’s a pain but this set is just too good to have missing songs!!

Keep up the good work!!

Tunz Master said...

I just downloaded this & everything is in the zip file.

Email me & I will send you those 2 tracks.

Tunz Master said...

I emailed those first 2 tracks from disc 4 to you............let me know ya got them.

If not in "inbox" check spam folder too.

Ron said...

Thanks a lot !
After years of listening to Love You Live it's good to hear the original tapes. Great stuff !

Greetings from Den Haag, Holland