02 March 2011

Mark Knopfler - Live In Paris 06.09.2010

this is a repost~ enjoy the tunz

Mark Knopfler
Live at the Palais Omnisport de Paris
Bercy, Paris France 9.6.10

Webcast Rip

Tracklisting :
01 Border River
02 What It Is
03 Sailing To Philadelphia
04 Coyote
05 Prairie Wedding
06 Hill Farmers Blues
07 Romeo and Juliet
08 Sultans Of Swing
09 Done With Bonaparte
10 A Night In Summer Long Ago
11 Marbletown
12 Speedway At Nazareth
13 Telegraph Road
14 Brothers In Arms
15 So Far Away
16 Piper To The End

front cover only


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Lodger said...

Dear Mark is back in top form with some new songs.
Thanks a lot again, Dino !

Anonymous said...

Simply great.
Outstanding really.
R Lee

Anonymous said...

Another great show, new songs are excellent. Thanks again.

v-chile said...

Ah,forget Mark Knopfler! He stole the style of playing the guitar from J.J. Cale.So listen to the origine!
Forget the fake!

Tunz Master said...

every guitar player stole something from someone else......page, hendrix, clapton....everyone.

it's rude to knock something someone else enjoys. :)