19 March 2011

Steely Dan - The Record Plant 1974 [35th Anniv. Edition Remaster]

this is a repost & upgrade from 192k
to FLAC & MP3 @ 320k

enjoy this awesome classic

Steely Dan
The Record Plant
Los Angeles, CA
KMET -  Live

35th Anniversary Remaster by Tooleman!

01  Test Tone
02  Stalling for time while the drummer is in the bathroom
03  Bodhisattva
04  The Boston Rag
05  Do It Again
06  Any Major Dude
07  King Of The World
08  Rikki Don't Lose That Number
09  tuning
10  Pretzel Logic
11  Your Gold Teeth II (Jam)
12  Reelin' In The Years
13  This All Too Mobile Home
14  Announcer outro

front cover only
FLAC & MP3 @ 320K



password: bootlegtunzworld


normski said...

If you ever wanted to be reminded how good SD sounded, then hear this. Awesome stuff, great guitars and 2 drummers.
This is as good as it gets - it's exceptional quality work. Many thanks to Mr Tooleman for all his magic and to you Dino for this great addition.

Jeff Porcaro was the drummer who was in the bathroom for 'medicinal purposes', that eventually took his life. A huge loss to music.

Make sure you check out the 'Memphis Blues' gig as well

guinea pig said...

Please, check FLAC. It does not work.
Thanks for a great sound.

Tunz Master said...

flac was still uploading went I went to bed last nite, it is posted now.

enjoy :)

Anonymous said...

you say its been upgraded FROM 192 to flac. does that mean you took 192 mp3 files and reconverted them back to lossless? or was that just a figure of speech and you went back to the source to pull out the flac?

Tunz Master said...

I am laughing at this end, thanks that made my day.

The original post was 192k mp3, these "reposts & upgrades" are Original FLAC with a mp3 320k converted from it. Sometimes its shn or wav or another lossless file, which is then converted to FLAC 8 with dBpoweramp ver.14

I do not currently have these FLAC upgrades and I am not re-converting to higher bit-rates or turning an mp3 into a FLAC???? [this is where I really laughed at the same quality-more space thingy here ya tossed at me]

I am searching the net myself for these for when I do a repost to try to improve the site for ALL [lossy & lossless lovers] by offering these.

I do not blame you for asking. :)

BTW was primarily an mp3 site, due to HD constraints but we do not have that issue any longer.

If you like our improvements feel free to buy a koozie or 2 just in time for spring. [shameless plug]

Tunz Master said...

I also label & id tag 99% of what we post...... I cannot stand "track 01, track 02", etc etc

It sucks but we do it....wish others did

Anonymous said...

Laugh all you wanna, but you said it. Not me.

"this is a repost & upgrade from 192k to FLAC & MP3 @ 320k"

And don't laugh too hard because this IS done on some blogs and you know it.

Tunz Master said...

well what I said is right? probably either way you look at it.

I don't get my flac from blogs though so no worries :)

Anonymous said...

I will say that its a fuc&ing FANTASTIC boot, all BS aside... Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Very nice, thanks to Dino ...

Tunz Master said...

very welcome to all

FirstLight said...

Not a complaint, but a question...
I d.loaded the FLAC, my winamp player is showing a different bnit rate for each song, from as low as 555 to high of like 875. Most FLAC's I have seen are 1400 kbps, right? Just wondering if it's just my computer or if that's ommon?
Sounds great though. thanks!

Tunz Master said...

I hadn't noticed that until u said something I checked it in foobar2000........same thing. this FLAC format I got in a torrent off a lossless-only site?

I checked to make sure it wasn't something I converted with my dBpoweramp ver.14 from WAV or SHN, so it isn't on my end???

no clue? anyone???

peskypesky said...

thank you once again, Dino!!!