31 July 2010

Doobie Brothers - King Biscuit Memphis 1975

Doobie Brothers
King Biscuit Flower Hour
Memphis TN 1975

announcer introduction
jesus is just alright
rockin' down the highway
south city midnight lady
eyes of silver
black water
long train runnin'
china grove
without you
KBFH outro

Got a classic King Biscuit show of the Doobie Brothers broadcast in 1989, but recorded in 1975 that I'm working on.  This is direct from the DIY radio network CD that was mailed to the radio stations.  This show doesn't even show up in the king biscuit online archives for some reason, so maybe it's rare.
no covers




kozmic said...

this looks the same as the rockin down in memphis show that you have. thanks for all your work

knownote said...

Sorry I put in a typo when you copied and pasted, it should be the DIR radio network, not DIY.

knownote said...

This is the same as the rocking in memphis show already on here, but I submitted it to D because this one came directly from the radio station CD.

Zer0_II said...

I noticed a post in my feed reader that said you were moving to a different address. When I tried to go to the post on the blog it said that it had been removed, and when I visited the address you said was going to be the new url there was a message that said "this website coming soon".

I would like to keep my aggregator as up to date as possible, and enable everyone to find your site should you decide to move. If it isn't asking too much, if you decide to move could you please contact me by leaving a message on my blog to let me know when you move and what the new address will be? Thank you and take care.

Tunz Master said...

Yes I will do that. thanks for asking