05 July 2010

Tom Ball & Kenny Sultan - Strawberry Music Festival 1990

Tom Ball and Kenny Sultan
Strawberry Music festival

Soundboard, FM feed, 1st generation tape

This is from a tape I have had for years.  This is feel good music with a sense of humor. Two guys playing Tin Pan Alley blues music.  It's acoustic guitar and harmonica.  The percusionist Jody Huelets, is playing a cardboard box, Jack Daniel Gift carton.  Love songs like "How can I Miss You When You Won't Go Away" and social protest songs like "Who Drank My Beer?" make this a fun listen.

front cover


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AZ Jones said...

If you like this music and your traveling north from Santa Barbera CA. These guys are often at the Cold Springs Tavern. Its a historic old Stage Coach stop that is now a tavern out in the pass between Santa Barbara and Santa Ynez. Stop get a beer sit under the trees and eat tri tip sandwiches and listen to good blues music