20 August 2010

E.L.P. - Anaheim Convention Center 1974

Emerson, Lake & Palmer
Live at the Anaheim Convention Center
Anaheim, CA 10.2.74
King Biscuit Flower Hour

Source : FM Broadcast

Tracklisting :
01. Introduction to King Biscuit Flower Hour
02. Hoedown
03. Chasing the Fantastic
04. C'Est La'Vie
05. Still You Turn Me On
06. Lucky Man
07. Tarkus (Excerpt)
08. Karn Evil # 9
09. Fanfare for the Common Man

front cover only


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Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for this one

Anonymous said...

Is this date right?
They didn't record 'Fanfare' until 1977 so I doubt it.

Tunz Master said...

it's listed here also?


Mal said...

Yeah, this is from the works tour , both c'est la vie and fanfare are from the 77 works double.Although it could also be a cut down from the King Biscuit Double CD which had tracks from both the '74 & '77 tours, but neither of those were Anaheim shows nice post nevertheless. Ta Dino

Scott Sileo musician said...

Thank you very much! I saw them twice on the Works tour, once with the Orchestra, once as just ELP. :)